reasons to hate you, part one

Photo by James Zwadlo on Unsplash

I hate you for

telling stories that I can’t forget,

The way you see

the details as vividly as I do

How you make them come to life

Letting them take root in my mind

Until they take up permanent residence

So comfortably situated

in my head

Where I replay them a thousand times

Without wanting to

Questioning the sides of you

And the words you choose

Making me more curious

To hear more about you

How did you get in my head

And how do you stay here

Days after

Months later

A year now

What is it about what you said

Is so irresistible

If I could forget,

I would

But since I can’t,

I’m forced to chase

The answers I don’t have

To keep me wanting more,

Well that was your greatest trick all along.