life of the party, part two

Photo by Paulette Wooten on Unsplash

You’ve engineered that smile to an art

And no one else can tell it apart

From the one that you reserve

The one they don’t deserve

Maybe you’ve fooled the best

But I’m not like the rest.

Me, I see that sleight of hand you wave

so no one has to stay

I read the deck of cards you hold

to keep them all at bay.

Me, I like the you that talks about your childhood

when it’s just us two and you got nothing to prove

as if there’s no one else here in this room

While we’re sitting side by side

And I really hope you don’t mind

But I just want to take up all your time

Them, they can love the way

you disarm with that charm

and illuminate this place.

But me, I prefer

The smile you reserve

The one they don’t deserve

if they can’t see past

The magnetic field that attracts and distracts

From the pieces of you that you break to detach.

Because when you’re the life of the party,

And the party’s over,

Who’s going to love you when you’re sober?

You, maybe you’re still searching for that someone who

will sit with you here in the dark

And not expect you to light it up.

Originally published on May 19, 2020.