Sanyee Yuan

Photo by Scott Van Hoy on Unsplash


I just want to write you letters

Until the ink runs out

And stuff my words

Into slim-necked bottles

And throw them into the ocean

So they meet you on your shore

The waves,

They’d move a lot faster than we did,

That’s for sure


I think about how

Your heart beats

Two time zones ahead of mine

And I never quite understood

The girl who sang about how she would

Walk a thousand miles

For someone

To want to bridge that distance

For anyone

A foreign concept,

That I never knew before I knew you,

That’s for sure

These thoughts,

They cross my mind

Not all the time

Not none of the time

But the sum

Of these times,

They add up to

a lot of my time,




Sanyee Yuan

Sanyee Yuan

Rom Com Novelist/Screenwriter. Love Songwriter. Script Consultant to Hollywood. Created major at Harvard College to study Narrative in Rhetoric & Performance.